The BKB-SIN© test is a speech in noise test for children. It was developed for children (ages 5 and up), cochlear implant patients, and adults for whom the QuickSIN© test is too difficult. Other uses include: demonstrating the benefits of amplification, predicting performance with hearing aids in loud, noisy environments, assessing directional microphone performance, estimating children’s performance for soft speech, and screening for auditory processing disorders in children.

The BKB-SIN© uses 18 equivalent list pairs for estimating SNR loss. It features Bramford-Kowal-Bench sentences in four talker babble, uses easier sentences than the QuickSIN©, and has norms for children, adults, and cochlear implant users. CD 1 (Standard BKB-SIN) has the target talker and background babble recorded on the same channel of the CD, at pre-recorded signal-to-noise ratios.  CD 2 (Split Track BKB-SIN) has the target talker and background babble recorded on separate channels of the CD.

The BKB-SIN© includes a) audio recording (CD1 and CD2), and b) manual and score forms. The 27-page manual is comprised of administration, interpretation, and development. Normative data for ages 5 and up is included.

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BKB-SIN© (CD Format); Item No. CD112-9; Price $214.50 USD + S&H
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This recording is only available in CD format from Auditec, Inc.

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