Newly Added Variations

Auditec introduces 20 NEW audiology test recording variations to our 2016 catalog. Old favorites and foreign language lists are now available with noise as competition. Read the list and click the hyperlinks for more details. (All prices in US dollars plus S&H.)

Description                                                                      Item                 Price

CIAT Dichotic Sentences                                                       251                    $80.00

CUNY Sentences w/Cafeteria Noise at +8 dB              239             $150.00

French Lists opposite Multi-talker Noise                  234             $110.00

LNT/MLNT opposite Four Talker Noise                        240            $183.50

NU-6 Time Compressed with & without Reverberation  250      $140.00

NU-CHIPS opposite Children’s Noise                                261              $120.00

NU-CHIPS opposite Four Talker Noise                               237             $120.00

NU-CHIPS opposite Multi-talker Noise                             238             $120.00

PBK-50 opposite Children’s Classroom Noise                 228                 $82.25

PBK-50 opposite Four Talker Noise                                       229               $82.25

Spanish Monosyllables opposite Multi-talker               230              $110.00

Spanish Lists opposite Spanish Four Talker Noise      231                $110.00

Spanish Lists opposite Multi-talker Noise                     232                $110.00

WIPI1st ed. Female opposite Four Talker Noise, no pictures 263   $110.00

WIPI1st ed. Female opposite Multi-talker Noise, no pictures 264 $110.00

WIPI 2nd ed. opposite Four Talker Noise, no pictures  236      $137.00

WIPI 2nd ed. opposite Multi-talker Noise, no picture   235      $137.00

W-22 opposite Children’s Noise                                      233               $82.25

W-22 Ordered by Difficulty, Short Interval                    265              $70.25

W-22 Ordered by Difficulty opposite Multi-talker Noise  266     $90.00

White Noise                                                                            227              $46.00

Thank you for being an Auditec customer. We look forward to serving you in 2016.

                             Happy New Year!

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