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Does the audio recording include the instructions, lists, and score forms? Yes, the audio recording includes corresponding instructions, lists and/or score forms. (Auditec assumes the purchaser has been well trained in their field; therefore, instructions may not be included with basic tests.) Instructions, score forms, and lists may be provided on paper or as printable pdf files. Picture books may or may not be included. Inquire about your test selection by item number for details about included materials.  Many of Auditec’s printed material is protected under copyright and cannot be shared.

Can anyone buy Auditec’s products? Auditec’s test materials were designed to be administered on appropriate equipment by fully trained professionals, and we reserve the right to refuse sale to any individual or organization that fails to meet these qualifications.

How long will I have to wait for my Auditec recording? Auditec can usually ship your products within ten business days. Shipping within the contiguous US takes an additional 1-5 business days. International shipping takes 3-20 business days. Expedited shipping is available at an additional cost. Large quantities may take longer.

Can I copy my Auditec recordings? Auditec Inc.’s products are protected under one or more copyrights. Sharing and distribution are prohibited. Customers may create one backup of Auditec recordings for their own personal use. The intent of this permission is twofold. It offers customers the ability to protect their investment since discs are sometimes lost or damaged. It also to gives customers the freedom to use their recording on alternate equipment. The permission to backup does not authorize the upload of recordings to servers or clouds to be freely shared among test administrators. Each purchased recording gives license to one location (up to two audiometers) or one individual. Please use the form at the bottom of this page or email if you have questions about the right to backup recordings manufactured by Auditec. (The SCAN-3, QuickSIN, BKB-SIN, and  NTID Speech Reading DVD are not manufactured by Auditec. Contact the manufacturer for details on their specific copyright policy.) Products and their promotional materials are the sole property of their owner.

Should I convert Auditec recordings as mp3 files?  (This page was edited on March 23, 2017 to include recent research by Jennifer M. Brace and Robert W. Keith.) Recent research has concluded normal listeners tested using the mp3 audio files of speech discrimination tests produce the same valid results as when tested using the wav audio files on compact discs. Therefore, we feel it is acceptable to convert auditory test recordings to mp3 files.

Can I download mp3 files? Auditec has some basic word list recordings available for download. Auditec does not offer refunds for downloads for any reason. Since equipment varies, we cannot offer technical support. Only one download is permitted. The download includes one license for one audiologist at one location. Audio files cannot be shared or uploaded to servers for multiple audiologists.

Can I purchase files on a USB drive? Auditec offers most recordings as audio files on a usb drive.  (A small fee applies for each usb drive.) The usb drive includes one license for up to two audiometers at one location. Audio files cannot be shared or uploaded to servers for multiple audiologists.

Does the recording include a calibration tone? With few exceptions, all recordings begin with a 1000 Hertz (Hz) calibration tone. This level represents the peak of a target word or sound as observed on a VU meter. Almost always, a stimulus word is preceded by an alerting phrase, called the “carrier phrase,” and in most cases, the target word is the word in the carrier phrase that precedes the stimulus word. The stimulus word is allowed to “fall naturally.” The result is that the stimulus word will not often peak at 0 VU, but either above or below. Certain tests do not follow this paradigm; instead the stimulus word peaks at 0 VU +/- 2dB. The tests are: WIPI, SAAT, & NUCHIPS. The spondee words also peak at zero, but in this case as with the NUCHIPS there is no carrier phrase.

How long will my Auditec recording last? Your Auditec recording can last a long time if you properly handle and store it. To preserve recording quality, return discs to their original case after each use and store in a cool, dry area. DO NOT LEAVE DISCS IN CD PLAYERS, COMPUTERS, OR OTHER ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT.

Can I return my Auditec recording? Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final. Auditec duplicates the original recording’s digital master. This process ensures new recordings are nearly identical to the one used by the test author. Any attempt to re-record or edit out ambient noises or inconsistent sounds have the potential to invalidate normative data and research. Therefore, all items are sold “as is.” In the rare case a customer receives a disc that is defective, Auditec will be replace it as long as it is returned within six months of the invoice date. Please read the complete online descriptions and study related literature to ensure the product fits your needs prior to ordering. Auditec will gladly assist you in finding the exact recording you want to purchase so that you do not order the wrong one. Email us at

I lost my instructions, lists, or score forms. Can I purchase replacements? Yes, Auditec will email you pdf files of instructions, lists, or score forms for a reasonable price. Request a quote for pdf files of instructions, lists, or score forms by emailing along with a list of test names that you would like to purchase replacements for.

Can Auditec provide me with technical support? Since equipment varies, Auditec recommends that you contact your equipment/audiometer dealer for technical assistance.

Can Auditec answer questions about test development? Auditec helps reputable professionals bring their quality test materials to the audiology community, but (in most cases) Auditec did not develop the tests. Therefore, Auditec has limited knowledge about the test development. Further information about test development should be researched from the provided references, industry literature, or by contacting the test authors. It is recommended professionals stay abreast of research in their fields and validate the included data.

Do Auditec products include normative data? Normative data may not be available for all products. Whenever possible, Auditec includes available normative data and related information as a service to our customers for their own examination. Auditec does not assume liability for potential errors, losses, or damages from relying on the provided information. Normative data should be considered cautiously along with other factors such as the language age and maturity of the patient. There is good evidence that regional differences affect scores more for distorted and/or less redundant speech stimuli, than for normal speech. It is recommended that the clinician develop his/her own data that is pertinent for his/her region. It is important the data provided with tests be validated on the local population. Review the test description on the PRODUCTS by clicking on the test name to learn more about what is included with the test selection or email us at

Where can I learn more about Central Auditory Processing Disorders? Auditec recommends purchasing Assessment & Management of Central Auditory Processing Disorders by Teri James Bellis. Contact for a quote on this title and any other audiology resource books you may need. In addition to literature, we recommend joining forums affiliated with audiology organizations so you can exchange ideas and share observations regarding auditory processing disorders and treatment.

Should I report an error? Auditec meticulously reviews recordings, lists, instructions, descriptions, and all other related materials to ensure their accuracy. On a few rare occasions, errors (mostly typographical in nature) have been reported. Auditec remains deeply grateful for those reported errors so that they could be quickly rectified. If you believe you have found an error, report it to It is extremely rare for errors to occur on the recordings because of Auditec’s duplication process. Any attempt to re-record or edit out ambient noises or inconsistent sounds on established test recordings could invalidate normative data and research.

Find answers to common questions about products by visiting our BLOG or clicking on the test name in Auditec’s PRODUCTS.

Couldn’t find an answer to your question? Email us at or use the form below.


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