Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final. All items are sold “as is.” In the rare case a customer receives a product that is defective, Auditec, Inc. will be replace it as long as it is returned within six months of the invoice date. Please read the complete online descriptions and study related literature to ensure the product fits your needs prior to ordering. Auditec will gladly assist you in finding the exact recording you want to purchase so that you do not order the wrong one. Email us at auditecinfo@auditec.com.

Since equipment varies, Auditec recommends that you contact your equipment/audiometer dealer for technical assistance. Auditec employees have limited knowledge about test administration and development. Further information should be researched from the provided references, industry literature, or by contacting the test authors. It is recommended professionals stay abreast of research in their fields and validate the included data.

Auditec Inc.’s products are protected under one or more copyrights. Sharing and distribution are prohibited. Customers may create one backup of Auditec recordings for their own personal use. The intent of this permission is twofold. It offers customers the ability to protect their investment since products are sometimes lost or damaged. It also to gives customers the freedom to use their recording on alternate equipment. The permission to backup does not authorize the upload of recordings to servers or clouds to be freely shared among test administrators. Each purchased recording gives license for up to two audiometers at one location. Please use the form at the bottom of this page or email auditecinfo@auditec.com if you have questions about the right to backup recordings manufactured by Auditec. (The SCAN-3, QuickSIN, BKB-SIN, SIN, TAPS, and  NTID Speech Reading DVD are not manufactured by Auditec. Contact the manufacturer for details on their specific copyright policy.) Products and their promotional materials are the sole property of their owner.

Auditec’s test materials were designed to be administered on appropriate equipment by fully trained professionals, and we reserve the right to refuse sale to any individual or organization that fails to meet these qualifications. Auditec, Inc. is not a training facility. It is not the intent of this website or included materials to train the purchaser about the purpose, use, or interpretation of results. Whenever possible, Auditec includes related information as a service to our customers for their own examination. Auditec, Inc. does not assume liability for potential errors, losses, or damages from relying on the product or included information.

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