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NTID Speech-Reading Video©

The speaker in the NTID Speech-Reading Video© (also known as the CID Sentences Video) is Diane Castle, Ph.D., audiologist and former NTID faculty member. It has been used as a test of speech-reading and auditory recognition at NTID since 1972. There are ten sets of ten sentences each. The purpose of this test is to assess the ability to receive information when:

a) Speech-reading alone
b) Speech-reading and listening combined.
c) Listening alone.

The sentences are from the CID Everyday Speech sentences developed by Central Institute for the Deaf in concert with the criteria set forth by the Committee on Hearing and Bio-Acoustics (CHABA) of the National Research Council. These criteria specified that sentences should closely resemble “everyday speech” in such parameters as vocabulary, sentence length, syntactical structure and redundancy.

The information gleaned from the use of this video will help the professional describe functional receptive communication skills and may be used to assist in planning aural rehabilitation.

The NTID Speech-Reading Video© includes: a) DVD, and b) manual. The 25-page manual is comprised of instructions, test lists, and interim interlist equivalency data. The test DVD may be played back via a DVD player with a remote control or via a computer employing the DVD media player software. Available from Auditec, Inc.. Use the “Buy Now” button below or call 1-800-669-9065 (from US) or 314-416-1050 (outside the US) to order. FREE shipping within the contiguous US

NTID© Speech-Reading Video© (DVD Format); Item NTID1; Price $195.00+S&H* 
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