Hearing Loss Simulation©

The Hearing Loss Simulation© attempts to demonstrate what a hearing loss might sound like to the hearing impaired. It is in two main parts; part one demonstrates a flat “conductive” loss down to 40 dB in 10 dB steps (40 dB of attenuation), and part two simulates high frequency losses. The latter section employs both male and female talkers in quiet and in noise. 25 The Hearing Loss Simulation demonstration consists of sharp (48 dB/oct) low-pass filters at 2000, 1000 and 500 Hz, illustrating precipitous high frequency losses. Brief introductions precede each section.

The Hearing Loss Simulation© includes a) audio recording, and b) instructions. The three-page instructions include representative audiograms. Normative data is not included for this product because it is not for measuring. It is only used for demonstration. 

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