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Auditec’s test recordings vary from fully developed tests with a manual that includes age-specific normative data to simple test recordings without any normative data. Some audiologists have developed their own normative data for those test recordings. If that’s you, please consider sharing that information with us so that we can pass it onto other audiologists. Audiologists have voiced a real need for data on the following Auditec recordings:

  • French Word Lists opposite Noise
  • Modified Rhyme Test
  • NU-6 opposite Noise
  • NU-6 Time Compressed
  • NUCHIPS opposite Noise
  • PBK opposite Noise
  • Spanish Word Lists opposite Noise
  • Spanish Sentences opposite Noise
  • W-22 opposite Noise
  • W-22 Time Compressed
  • WIPI Low Pass Filtered
  • WIPI Time Compressed

Auditec is only interested in normative data that has been personally gathered by you or your organization. Please include the following information (if possible):

  • number of normal subjects (No test size is too small.)
  • ages of normal subjects
  • regional background
  • other applicable information
  • your name or your organization’s name (so we can credit you)

We hope to gather this information from multiple sources to give audiologists a guideline to use for normative data. Please email this information to By working together, audiologists can improve diagnosis, treatment, and management for their patients. Thank you for your dedication to this field.


CIAT Basic

This portion of the Constraint-Induced Auditory Therapy (CIAT) includes dichotic exercises and short stories only. It consists of the following: I) Dichotic Digits Intensity Exercises (single and double), II) Dichotic Digits Three Number Exercise, III) Dichotic Digits Time Delay Exercise, IV) Dichotic Consonant-Vowel, V) Dichotic Letters, VI) Dichotic Words, VII) Dichotic Sentences, and VIII) Short Stories with Four Talker noise. This therapy can be used on an unlimited number of patients with simple equipment. The CIAT is a tool for remediation and should not be used to diagnose patients.

The CIAT Basic version consists of exercises and short stories only. It includes a) manual and score forms as printable pdf files, b) audio recording of Discs 1-4, and c) portable CD player with headphones. Available from Auditec, Inc. Call 1-800-669-9065 (from US) or 314-416-1050 (outside the US) to order. FREE shipping to contiguous US. 

CIAT Basic (Discs 1-4); Item CD123-9; Price $995.00 USD + S&H*
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