The Spondees is a speech threshold (speech reception threshold-SRT) recording. The Spondees, also known as CID W-1, are two-syllable words with equal stress on each syllable, which are employed to obtain thresholds for speech. There are two randomizations of 36 spondaic words spoken without a carrier phrase for adults. The median speech reception threshold (SRT) for normal listeners is 20 dB SPL (0dBHL).

The standard amount of time given for the patient to respond is approximately four seconds. Short-interval versions only give the patient 2.5 seconds for the patient to  respond. It is an effective way to speed up administration time, but this version is not recommended for young children or the elderly.

Spondees includes a) audio recording and b) printed word list. This product does not include instructions or normative data. It is assumed that purchasers of Auditec’s auditory tests are well trained in the use, purpose, and interpretation of basic tests. Available Auditec, Inc.Call 1-800-669-9065 (from US) or 314-416-1050 (outside the US) to order. FREE shipping to the contiguous US.

[Spondees & Child Spondees; Item 102; Price $59.50 USD + S&H]

[Spondees & Child Spondees Short Interval; Item 102SI; Price $59.50 USD + S&H]

[Spondees & NU-6; Item 145; Price $95.00 USD + S&H]

[Spondees & NU-6 Short Interval; Item 145SI; Price $95.00 USD + S&H]

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[Spondees & W-22 Short Interval; Item 101SI; Price $95.00 USD + S&H]