Synthetic Sentence Identification-Ipsilateral Competing Message, +10 & 0 MCR©

The Synthetic Sentence Identification-Ipsilateral Competing Message, +10 & 0 MCR© (SSI-ICM, +10 & 0 MCR) can be used to test speech intelligibility or test central auditory function. It is considered appropriate for ages 11 and up. The primary signal consists of ten synthetic sentences. The competition is a male talker reading a passage. This ipsilateral competition version has sentences and competition recorded on one track (channel) at various signal-to-noise ratios (S/N). This +10 & 0 version has the message-to-competition (MCR) mixed at +10, +10, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, & 0 dB per set of 10. It is considered a monaural low-redundancy test (monaural separation closure-MSC) sensitive to low brainstem lesions. It is an auditory figure ground test.

The Synthetic Sentence Identification-Ipsilateral Competing Competition, +10 & 0 MCR© includes: a) audio test recording, b) instructions and score forms as printable pdf files. No normative data is included for the central auditory function; however, the audiologist can uncover useful insight by comparing the patient’s performance on the contralateral and ipsilateral presentations. Available from Auditec, Inc. Use the “Buy Now” button below or call 1-800-669-9065 (from US) or 314-416-1050 (outside the US) to order. FREE shipping within the contiguous US.

SSI Ipsilateral Competing Message, +10 & 0 MCR© (CD Format); Item 161; Price $104.75 USD + S&H*
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©COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Auditec’s recordings and materials are protected by copyright. One backup is permitted. Sharing, uploading to servers, publishing to the internet, and all other forms of distribution are prohibited. Email questions regarding copyright to

*INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Importers are responsible for duties and taxes. Auditec advises your organization to contact your government to estimate tax prior to ordering.

⇒It may be unnecessary to purchase the ipsilateral version if you own the contralateral recording. An administrator with the contralateral recording can administer the test ipsilaterally by mixing the channels at various signal-to-noise ratios using a dual-channel audiometer.


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