Geographic Inequality of APD Testing Availability

If you suspected a child was suffering from an auditory processing disorder, how far would their parents have to drive to get him or her tested? In certain states like New York, there is a possibility public school students could be tested right in their own school! Sadly, children in other states have to travel over 100 miles to receive APD testing!

If it is tempting to simply accept this geographic inequality of APD testing availability as “just the way it is,” consider the long-term effects of a society that does not offer necessary diagnosis and treatment. A parent writes, “It took my daughter until 13 years to be diagnosed and we began at age 4….APD isn’t well treated in our schools in California and it destroyed our family’s life. My daughter eventually ran away, started vaping and dropped out of school….APD destroys hearts. Every child deserves to be understood and to understand.” Do you agree?

Here are some practical ways to help:

  • Increase awareness of auditory processing disorder and ask parents to do the same. This could be in the form of writing blogs, public speaking, and reaching out to local special school districts.
  • Offer APD testing if you are a qualified professional. This could require reaching out in professional forums to ask for mentoring and advice.
  • Persuade health insurance companies to cover APD testing and encourage parents to do the same.

If you already offer APD testing, we want to say how much we appreciate the difference you make in society. Auditec, Inc. is committed to helping you find the best tools for you to continue your efforts.


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