The Speech in Noise (SIN)¹ test was developed to help determine how much a given hearing aid or pair of hearing aids helps an individual understand speech in a background of noise, compared to listening unaided or with other hearing aids. The test consists of a series of female-talker recordings of the IEEE (modified Harvard) sentences as the target speech, and four-talker babble (three women and one man) as the noise source. Five sentences are recorded at each of four signal-to-noise (S/N) ratios: 15 dB, 10 dB, 5 dB and 0 dB S/N, all at the 0 dB VU meter calibration level, followed by a similar series recorded at a signal level 30 dB lower than the calibration level (-30 dB re 0 VU).

Therefore, there are 20 sentences at each level for a total of 40 sentences (or 4 IEEE lists), all of which constitutes a block. There are nine blocks of the SIN test, so that nine comparisons can be made without repeating sentences. Each listening condition takes approximately twelve minutes to administer.

The Speech in Noise includes a) audio recording, and b) instructions and score forms as printable pdf files on CD-Rom. The instructions provide information on administration. Available from Auditec, Inc. Call 1-800-669-9065 (from US) or 314-416-1050 (outside the US) to order. FREE shipping within the contiguous US.

Speech in Noise is Item No. CD102-9 and costs $50.00 USD + S&H* 
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*INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Online ordering does not include shipping and handling charges. Please email with your test selections along with your state or country for an exact quote. If you use online ordering, you will be invoiced later for the shipping charges.

¹The QuickSIN and BKB-SIN are considered more recent versions of this test. Although the more recent versions are preferred by most professionals, the SIN still proves to be useful to some audiologists.


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