Spanish SRT & Word Recognition©

The Spanish SRT & Word Recognition© recording includes one list of 72 trisyllable words for obtaining speech reception threshold (SRT) and four lists of 50 words each (for a total of 200 words) of bisyllables for word recognition. (Because of the nature of the Spanish language, bisyllables are preferred over monosyllables for word recognition.)

Spanish SRT & Word Recognition© includes a) audio recording, and b) word list. Patient instructions in Spanish are provided, but this product does not include administration instructions or normative data. It is assumed that purchasers of Auditec’s products are well trained in their use, purpose, and interpretation. ©COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Auditec’s materials are protected by copyright. Each product represents one license for up to two audiometers at one location. Sharing, uploading to servers, publishing to the internet, and all other forms of distribution are prohibited.

Available from Auditec, Inc.  Use the “Buy Now” button below or call 1-800-669-9065 (from US) or 314-416-1050 (outside the US) to order. FREE shipping within the contiguous US. INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Importers are responsible for duties and taxes. Auditec advises your organization to contact your government to estimate tax prior to ordering.

Spanish SRT & Word Recognition© (CD Format); Item 120; Price $77.50 USD + S&H*
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Spanish SRT & Word Recognition© (USB Format); Item USB120; Price $83.50 USD + S&H*
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⇒These tests are also available on the following product:

  • Spanish Auditory Tests includes Spanish Trisyllables for SRT, Spanish Bisyllables & Monosyllables for Speech Discrimination, & Spanish Paired Comparison Sentences

⇒Does Auditec offer Spanish SRT and speech discrimination recordings for children? Yes, Auditec offers a Spanish picture pointing speech discrimination test for ages 4 and up called the Spanish Pediatric Picture Identification Test and a Spanish SRT picture pointing test called Spanish Pediatric Speech Recognition Test (SPSRT).


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