Dichotic Digits-Musiek©

The Dichotic Digits test is an auditory processing disorder test for ages 7 and up using verbal stimuli. It is considered a dichotic test for binaural integration sensitive to brainstem, cortical, and corpus callosal lesions.

Dichotic Digits – Musiek© is a test by Dr. Frank Musiek. This version is similar to the Dichotic Digits standard version.  That is, digits from one to ten are presented dichotically.  One set is single pair; the second is double pair.  Usually, the single pair set is for practice. Dichotic Digits-Musiek version includes the digit “seven.” In contrast, the standard version does not include the digit “seven” since it is a two syllable word in contrast to the other nine digits. The Musiek version includes age-specific normative data on double digits for ages 7 and up. The standard version includes normative data on double digits for ages 11 and up.

Is the Musiek version or standard version better? Neither version is considered better. Both versions are popular and widely used. Decisions are mainly based on which version the audiologist was originally trained in or by personal preference. Due to the similarities between the standard and Musiek versions, it is usually unnecessary to purchase both versions.

Dichotic Digits-Musiek© includes a) audio recording, and b) instructions and score form as printable pdf files.  The two-page instructions consist of administration, scoring, and interpretation information. It includes age-specific normative data on double digits for ages 7 and up.

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Musiek Dichotic Digits© (CD Format); Item 197FM; Price $102.50 USD + S&H
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Musiek Dichotic Digits© (USB Format); Item USB197FM; Price $108.50 USD + S&H 
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This test is also available on the following product:

  • Musiek Dichotic Digits, Musiek Pitch/Frequency Pattern, and Musiek Duration Pattern Sequence combined on one CD; Item 216FM; Price $255.00 USD + S&H

⇒Did you know Auditec sells a therapy designed for persons with specific ear deficits on dichotic listening tests called the Constraint-Induced Auditory Therapy (CIAT)?


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