The Multiple Auditory Processing Assessment (MAPA) battery is a comprehensive compendium of tests developed to identify children and adults who have auditory processing disorders. It was designed for ages 8 through adult.

MAPA’s purpose is to provide professionals with an auditory test that 1) is standardized with two forms, 2) covers the three most important auditory processing domains as defined by ASHA and 3) uses convenient CD technology for application in the classroom or sound booth.
The areas covered are:

MONAURAL (Low Redundancy)—(Monaural Separation Closure-MSC)

  • Monaural-Selective Auditory Attention Test (MSAAT)*

TEMPORAL (Auditory Pattern Temporal Ordering-APTO)

  • TAP Test
  • Pitch Pattern (PP) Test*

BINAURAL (Dichotic Speech)—(Binaural Integration/Binaural Separation-BIBS)

  • Dichotic Digits (DD)*
  • Competing Sentences (CS)*

In addition several supplementary tests are included:
Pattern Perception
Speech in Noise
Gap Detection

Test time is approximately 21 minutes, while scoring should take an additional 5 minutes.

The MAPA includes a) audio recording, and b) manual and score forms as printable pdf files.  The 59-page manual contains administration, scoring, and interpretation information. Normative data for ages 8 and up is included. (Note: The breakdown of age- specific normative data is as follows: ages 8-9, 10-11, 11-12, and 21-49). Available from Auditec, Inc.  Call 1-800-669-9065 (from US) or 314-416-1050 (outside the US) to order.   FREE shipping within the contiguous US.

MAPA; Item CD119; Price $299.00 USD + S&H 
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**Is this the same Dichotic Digits, Selective Auditory Attention Test, and Competing Sentences that appear in as separate items in your catalog? No, the MAPA uses shortened and modified versions of these tests.




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