Where Can I Find……

Auditec offers a wide selection of products including word recognition tests (in English, Spanish, and French), auditory processing tests, and auditory training programs. We sell 80 tests in over 200 variations. Some of our most popular recordings are the NU-6 Ordered by Difficulty Version II, Spanish Auditory Test CD, NCAP CD, and Constraint Induced Auditory Therapy (CIAT).

However, there are a few items that are frequently requested by our customers that Auditec does not offer. Here is a list of the popularly requested recordings that Auditec does not sell:

  • SRT or word discrimination in languages such as Russian, Italian, Arabic, etc.
  • Spanish picture-pointing test for children
  • Hearing In Noise Test – Children (also known as the HINT-C)
  • Tests using a series of digits (as in telephone numbers)

Unfortunately, no one here at Auditec knows where you can purchase the products on the bullet list above. If you know where to find those products or own the rights to a test like the one listed above, let us know by emailing auditec.kb@gmail.com.

Auditec is always in search of additional tests for our catalog. If you have a test that is recorded, researched, and ready to sell, email auditec.kb@gmail.com for more information on how to get your test into the hands of other audiologists by designating Auditec, Inc. as your primary test manufacturer and distributor.

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